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Friday 8 July 2022


Hydroponic nutrient pack includes part A and part B with all macro and micro nutrients your plants need. Can make 600 liters of hydroponic nutrients. Designed exclusively for hydroponic culture for maximum yield and quality. Ideal for most leafy green crops like spinach etc. Buffered to help maintain acceptable working solution pH for ease of use. Water Solubility is 100%. Encourages robust vegetative stem and leaf growth. Chelated micro nutrients used to prevent nutrient locking. Suitable for Aeroponic, NFT, DWC, Ebb and flow Hydroponic system. Cost Rs 300/- per kg

Saturday 18 June 2022


Watering is reduced to weeks instead of days. Now you can go on vacation . Design suits all interiors.Made of PP plastic material, light weight and durable for for home, apartment, office, desktop, outdoor or indoor. Can be placed on the balcony or office desk or bookshelf. Perfect for growing herbs, Succulents,spider plants, etc. It is self-watering up to 7 days or more per fill. Transparent pot lets you know when and how much to water to be poured. Pour spout allows for easily filling the water reservoir.Just add some Hydroponic fertilizer at the right time. Coco peat fiber and clay balls inside the pot allows plants to draw water as needed. It is a great gift for your friends who love gardening. For any queries contact us. WhatsApp 8148732297,

Air Pruning Hydroponic Planter

Air pruning is unique crop cultivation technique. The Air Pots are circular in shape that has concave-convex plastic walls .Perforated wall with closed cones on the inside and open cones on the outside increase the surface area of the pot.With no flat surfaces on the inside the pots, roots do not deform ,rot or curl up. When roots reaches on outside the pot's hole high density air outside the pots dehydrates the the roots tips and "cuts" (pruning) them off allowing new roots to grow which allow plants to develop a healthy, fibrous root mass. Air Pruning Pot can be used in recirculating Hydroponic system that combine several pots using drip irrigation. Widely used to grow plants with shallow roots like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, chilies, melons etc. The Air-Pot advantages: Perfect for Terrace ,outdoor or Indoor gardening. As pot is easily removed from plant, transplantation can be done easily. Absorb nutrients and water more easily for rapid growth of plants. Nutrients are better absorbed by the plant and its roots. The growth of plant will be faster to achieve a high yield. Plants are more resistant to diseases, which means less use of pesticides. Convenient to clean. It provides better water drainage to eliminate over watering. Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. Needs a simple self-assembling To purchase WhatsApp 8148732297

Monday 30 August 2021

Stackable Hydroponics Fodder Trays

Stackable Hydroponics Fodder Trays Hydroponics is a an innovative way of farming using little water and no soil. It is an easy process whereby barley seeds or other grains are first soaked in water until they sprout, and then placed in a simple greenhouse structure where they continue to be provided with nutrients and water to grow. The barley and grains is watered for seven days and the resulting green shoots and root mat are then harvested and fed to livestock. This hydroponic method has many advantages: the fodder only takes a week to grow compared to several weeks with normal methods. It does not require any fuel, and it requires little water, making it ideal in times of drought. • Capacity: 1.5kgs seed capacity, • 15kg fodder capacity. • Material: Plastic. • Shape: Rectangular . • Size/Dimension: 18" x 24" x 3". • Virgin food grade material. • Sturdy, long lasting and unbreakable. • Special stackable design to save floor space. • Most unique design available in hydroponics market.

Sunday 29 August 2021

Balcony Hydroponics System

Balcony Hydroponics system • Best system for novice gardeners. • Compact & Space saving. • 4 layout options possible. • Engineered Plastic hence corrosion free. • Light weight & Portable. • Easy to assemble DIY system. • Best suitable for Micro-Green, Leafy greens, herbs and many vegetables. • Digital Timer for auto irrigation. • Can be setup on terrace with poly house. • Can be setup indoors with LED grow lights. • Enjoy your home grown veggies will this hi-tech system System kit Includes • Planting Trays. • Connectors. • Micro Tubes. • Mushroom Filter. • Submersible Pump. • Timer. • Nutrient Tank. • Seeds. Enjoy your home grown veggies will this hi-tech system. WhatsApp :8148732297 for more info.

Sunday 8 April 2018


                                    Aquaponics is a amazing hobby or business!

Why Aquaponics?

  • ·         No soil is required
  • ·         High growth rates and yields
  • ·         Organically grown produce in your own system
  • ·         No unnatural Herbicides, Pesticides or Fertilisers
  • ·         The freshest, cleanest vegetables possible
  • ·         Uses as little as 2% of the water normally needed
  • ·         Water recirculation reduces pollution
  • ·         The best tasting home-grown vegetables!
  • ·         Healthy, clean, home-grown fish for your plate
  • ·         Can be easily used in small, urban areas.


Chennai Aquaponic System is ideal for use in both outdoor and indoor environments.  Systems can be customized to whatever size you require.  We have to balance the size of the fish tank with the size of the growing area .Customization is not pricey as we use typical model templates that can be simply tailored to the sizes that you require. These systems could be used to grow a  array of fresh herbs, vegetables or flowers. Fish of your choice either ornamental are edible fish can be used. Our system is ideal for someone looking to make the best use of their existing space, or someone who wants a distinctive system to suit their individual liking. If you have a proposal, then we can design and build a cost-effective system to match your imagination and your budget. Prices start at in the region of Rs 19,500 and final price will depend on your specifications and any particular requirements. Please could you give us a sketch out of what you are bearing in mind, or the space you have available, and   what you would like to use the system for? 

Please e-mail us on: 

These systems can come complete with everything needed to start your home aquaponics unit:

  • ·         Frames
  • ·         Grow beds
  • ·         Seeds
  • ·         Pumps
  • ·         Air pumps and filters
  • ·         Pipe work
  • ·         Bell siphon  (to drain water back to fish tank)
  • ·         Grow-bed Media (Lava rock / hydroton)
  • ·         Fish Tanks
  • ·         Fish
  • ·         Instructions for use

Friday 2 June 2017

Hydroponic fodder for poultry.

                    Hydroponic fodder for Poultry 

                      No more expensive animal feed


Poultry feed is expensive and farmers know that too well. Hydroponically grown chicken fodder is affordable and a good option. Hydroponics fodder cuts down  feeding cost by 70 per cent.
The good thing is that the feed is completely organic and contains high protein content. The feed also makes chicken  mature faster, they produce higher quality eggs and the birds have good weight. The place where this  the foliage is grown is enclosed within a shade net to regulate temperature, mimicking a small greenhouse. Hydroponic fodder is rich in protein, B-carotene, trace elements and enzymes and the fodder is also 95 per cent digestible as compared to other commercial feed.There is a high market for organic chicken, This feed also ensures the birds mature in four to five months instead of the conventional seven to nine months. They also begin laying eggs at six months.

You can feed chicken on hydroponic fodder exclusively. 100%. The savings of this technique, on paper, were nothing short of astronomical. First of all, 2kg of seed produces 10kg of fodder in just 7 to 8 days. If each chicken eats 150g of fodder, that would mean we could feed up to 66 chicken.

Fresh sprouts grown in Chennai Hydroponic Fodder System  offer nutritional advantages for poultry and chickens. Seeds grown in  sprouting system mature green grass in just 7 – 8 days in a controlled environment.Chickens perform very well when eating fresh, green sprouts. Chennai Hydroponic sprouting systems allow users to supply  consistent quality feed regardless of the climate

One needs no soil, no open field to grow grass.An indoor facility with a hydroponic fodder unit can provide any commercial dairy farm with enough green grass to meet the nutrition needs of the animals.And the technology is quite simple and easy and cost-effective in the long run.

Feeding sprouts to poultry offers very dramatic advantages including:

•    More eggs
•    Larger eggs
•    Deep, yellow/orange yoke
•    Thicker shell
•    Improved health
•    Low cost feed
•    Faster weight gain
•    Better appearance & health

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Hydroponic Fodder System By Chennai Hydroponics

Using Hydroponic NFT growing techniques, Chennai Hydroponics Fodder System sprouts grain to lush, harvestable grass, uniquely nutritious feed for livestock in just eight days.
• completely scalable structure
• 50 % reduction in feed cost.
• 70 % reduction in carbon foot print
• 99 % reduction in land usage
• 98 % reduction in water usage

100 Kg per day installation at Krishnagari in Tamilnadu for a Goat and dairy farm.

For Details: