Friday 8 July 2022


Hydroponic nutrient pack includes part A and part B with all macro and micro nutrients your plants need. Can make 600 liters of hydroponic nutrients. Designed exclusively for hydroponic culture for maximum yield and quality. Ideal for most leafy green crops like spinach etc. Buffered to help maintain acceptable working solution pH for ease of use. Water Solubility is 100%. Encourages robust vegetative stem and leaf growth. Chelated micro nutrients used to prevent nutrient locking. Suitable for Aeroponic, NFT, DWC, Ebb and flow Hydroponic system. Cost Rs 300/- per kg


  1. Dear Team, I am Kumaravel. I am very interesting in building a hydroponic farming in chennai system and the harvest. Do you think you can guide me with the system. Thanks!