Saturday 18 June 2022

Air Pruning Hydroponic Planter

Air pruning is unique crop cultivation technique. The Air Pots are circular in shape that has concave-convex plastic walls .Perforated wall with closed cones on the inside and open cones on the outside increase the surface area of the pot.With no flat surfaces on the inside the pots, roots do not deform ,rot or curl up. When roots reaches on outside the pot's hole high density air outside the pots dehydrates the the roots tips and "cuts" (pruning) them off allowing new roots to grow which allow plants to develop a healthy, fibrous root mass. Air Pruning Pot can be used in recirculating Hydroponic system that combine several pots using drip irrigation. Widely used to grow plants with shallow roots like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, chilies, melons etc. The Air-Pot advantages: Perfect for Terrace ,outdoor or Indoor gardening. As pot is easily removed from plant, transplantation can be done easily. Absorb nutrients and water more easily for rapid growth of plants. Nutrients are better absorbed by the plant and its roots. The growth of plant will be faster to achieve a high yield. Plants are more resistant to diseases, which means less use of pesticides. Convenient to clean. It provides better water drainage to eliminate over watering. Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. Needs a simple self-assembling To purchase WhatsApp 8148732297

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