Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sub-Irrigated Hydroponic Planter for first-time Gardeners

                 Set up your soil less garden in less than 5 Minutes

        Benefits of Self-irrigated Planter

  • Ideal for urban garden settings since its compact size.
  • They are versatile enough to fit into any space - a balcony, patio, or even rooftops.
  • Self irrigation reducing your watering chores.
  • No irrigation splashing as nutrients supply is through by wicking action.
  • If the top layer of soil is dry there is less risk of moulds and mosquitoes can’t get into the reservoir.
  • Level indicator helps to monitor reservoir level.
  • There is a cushion of air between the nutrient solution and hydroponic media that gives aeration to the plant roots.
  • Nutrient replenish is done through feed tube on the top. Nutrient solution filling less often (up to 1 week depending on the size of your reservoir/environmental conditions)
  • With no water runs off and very little evaporation it conserves water.
  • You can grow your own fresh and flavorful salads, sweet or hot peppers, herbs or colorful flowers.
  • No need to change Hydroponic growing medium for five years.
  • Hydroponic nutrients contain all 14 essential and trace minerals for plant growth.
  • Hydroponic growing eliminates weeding, digging & soil borne diseases.
     The Kit Contains:
  •          Plastic Planter
  •          Propriety Hydroponic Growing Medium.
  •          Hydroponics Nutrients for 100 liters makeup.
  •          Vegetable Seeds - Coriander & Le

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