Sunday, 29 August 2021

Balcony Hydroponics System

Balcony Hydroponics system • Best system for novice gardeners. • Compact & Space saving. • 4 layout options possible. • Engineered Plastic hence corrosion free. • Light weight & Portable. • Easy to assemble DIY system. • Best suitable for Micro-Green, Leafy greens, herbs and many vegetables. • Digital Timer for auto irrigation. • Can be setup on terrace with poly house. • Can be setup indoors with LED grow lights. • Enjoy your home grown veggies will this hi-tech system System kit Includes • Planting Trays. • Connectors. • Micro Tubes. • Mushroom Filter. • Submersible Pump. • Timer. • Nutrient Tank. • Seeds. Enjoy your home grown veggies will this hi-tech system. WhatsApp :8148732297 for more info.

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