Sunday, 8 April 2018


                                    Aquaponics is a amazing hobby or business!

Why Aquaponics?

  • ·         No soil is required
  • ·         High growth rates and yields
  • ·         Organically grown produce in your own system
  • ·         No unnatural Herbicides, Pesticides or Fertilisers
  • ·         The freshest, cleanest vegetables possible
  • ·         Uses as little as 2% of the water normally needed
  • ·         Water recirculation reduces pollution
  • ·         The best tasting home-grown vegetables!
  • ·         Healthy, clean, home-grown fish for your plate
  • ·         Can be easily used in small, urban areas.


Chennai Aquaponic System is ideal for use in both outdoor and indoor environments.  Systems can be customized to whatever size you require.  We have to balance the size of the fish tank with the size of the growing area .Customization is not pricey as we use typical model templates that can be simply tailored to the sizes that you require. These systems could be used to grow a  array of fresh herbs, vegetables or flowers. Fish of your choice either ornamental are edible fish can be used. Our system is ideal for someone looking to make the best use of their existing space, or someone who wants a distinctive system to suit their individual liking. If you have a proposal, then we can design and build a cost-effective system to match your imagination and your budget. Prices start at in the region of Rs 19,500 and final price will depend on your specifications and any particular requirements. Please could you give us a sketch out of what you are bearing in mind, or the space you have available, and   what you would like to use the system for? 

Please e-mail us on: 

These systems can come complete with everything needed to start your home aquaponics unit:

  • ·         Frames
  • ·         Grow beds
  • ·         Seeds
  • ·         Pumps
  • ·         Air pumps and filters
  • ·         Pipe work
  • ·         Bell siphon  (to drain water back to fish tank)
  • ·         Grow-bed Media (Lava rock / hydroton)
  • ·         Fish Tanks
  • ·         Fish
  • ·         Instructions for use


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